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Meet Dr.Jenn

"My friends ask why I drive across the city to see my chiropractor when we have someone in our gym, I tell them it's because Dr. Jenn is the best"



Dr. Jennifer Teasdale is a family and sports chiropractor in Calgary, AB.  She received her Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and chiropractic doctorate from the University of Western States.  Dr. Jenn is also a registered yoga instructor, spin instructor and barre instructor.


Dr. Jenn has spent the past decade helping people recover from injuries and achieve athletic goals.  She approaches each patient and injury with an evidenced-based, biopsychosocial approach. This approach allows her to better assess, diagnosis, treat and refer patients when necessary.


Dr. Jenn’s newest endeavour is being a Mama, it is has been through this experience where she expanded her knowledge about prenatal and postnatal care.  There is a real information gap in postnatal care and support, especially for athletic populations and Dr. Jenn educates and empowers Women through this emotional and physical transition time.  


Dr. Jennifer Teasdale is passionate about education and has special training special training in active release techniques, graston techniques, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization, lower extremity analysis and treatment, postural/perceptual and stability training, shoulder analysis, chronic pain, as well as, certifications from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association in the Webster technique and pediatric populations.  She also has specialized pediatric training in developmental milestones and early intervention.  


As a runner, spinner, yogi and chiropractor, she knows how important movement and sports are to her patients.  She will do everything she can to keep you moving forward toward your goals.  


When not in the clinic, Dr. Jenn loves spending time with her family, and can typically be found dancing and cooking in the kitchen with her little man and big man or running and practicing yoga.

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