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Prenatal.Postnatal Care

"I was referred to Dr. Jenn during my pregnancy by my chiropractor. He said after my pregnancy I could return to his care. After my first visit, I knew I was never going back." A.H.

Adding a Webster certified chiropractor to your healthcare team during pregnancy is paramount to your physical well-being and the well-being of your baby. Often times, pregnant women are told that pain in their shoulders, hips and low back are just par for the course during pregnancy. This is simply not true. Dr. Jenn uses a combination of active release and the Webster technique to relieve most pain quickly during pregnancy. The Webster technique is also used to keep the pelvis in it’s optimal position to reduce pain and stress on baby. Baby needs space to grow and space to get into the right position for labour and delivery. Chiropractic care helps with this and has been shown to reduce labour times (research link).


Prenatal and Postnatal Conditions Treated


Pelvic Pain & Dysfunction




Pubic Pain


Low Back Pain


Tailbone Pain


Postnatal Rehabilitation


Diastasis Recti Treatment


Breech Presentation Co-management


Prevention & Wellness


Ease Labour and Delivery

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