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Demystifying your Core Muscles: Abs for Days

The inner core consists of your:


Transverse Abdominis (considered abdominal wall)

Multifidi (considered abdominal wall)

Pelvic Floor

Deep Neck Flexors

The outer core consists of your:

Rectus Abdominis

External/Internal obliques



The burning question.....What exercises should I do?

There is no one right prescription for everyone. I have provided a list of progressions that capture a majority of patients, however, this is not meant to be a comprehensive list, just generalizations. If you have pain or problems with movement, a physical assessment and diagnosis are pertinent to your personal exercise prescription plan.

Below are a list of progressions of abdominal inner/outer retraining for people with low back pain,

Moms post-baby and athletes looking to improve performance.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing (

Move through these progressions with diaphragmatic breathing ;

Legs bent/knees bent

Legs lifted

One arm moves back

One leg moves down

Add one arm back/opp leg down at same time.

If little to no pain is present with the above try planks from knees and then toes. Add in side planks from knees to toes.

Diaphragmatic breathing should be done with ease in every one of these postures/exercises if unable to perform the breathing move back to the previous progression until able to perform.

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