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Iliopsoas Syndrome or Iliopsoas Tendinitis

It is a pain in the hip/groin area near the front of the hip instead of the back. It feels like a pinch or an ache and increasing in pain over time. It is associated with pinching pain in the hip with running, kicking, jumping, squatting and going upstairs. This is a tricky diagnosis to make, as there are plenty of other possible causes of this type of pain. Here are just a few other possibilities:

Femoral Acetabular Impingement

Tensor Fasciae Latae trigger point referral

L1 or L2 lumbar disc injury

Adductor strain/pull


This is why a physical exam and proper diagnosis is the key to treatment. Once the diagnosis is made the treatment can be straightforward.

Take rest for a limited period of time to help with pain management

Passive care via active release, laser therapy, etc

Begin stretching or rolling depending on the area’s sensitivity

Return normal range of motion through the above exercises and non-weighted exercises

Strengthen the muscle both concentrically and eccentrically. Loading the tendon is the key to returning to activity pain-free.

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