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Top 5 Ways to Winterized Your Body and stay illness free this holiday season

1. Take a vitamin D3 supplement. Vitamin D improves your immune function and acts as a powerful antimicrobial

2. Decrease sugar intake. Sugar decreases your immune function. Research has shown that 2-5 hrs after ingesting sugar (sucrose, glucose, fructose) it depresses the number of white blood cells that can kill germs by 50%. Sugar means candy, processed food, alcohol and soda 3. Rest. This is a powerful tool to use against germs and our modern day hustle and bustle would rather you didn't slow down, but take a pill to keep moving. Just slow down, sleep more- it's cheaper then the pills. 4. Exercise. This powerful potent drug😜 increases your immune system, decreases stress and helps improve sleep. Moderate exercise that is, not hardcore drop on the floor stuff. 5. Decrease stress- stress leads to lowered immune systems, which makes your body more susceptible for germs to attack.

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