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n order to lose weight we were told to move more and eat less. So we all starved ourselves and slaved over our treadmills and bikes. Some of us lost weight, some of us got skinny fat and for others of didn't do a damn bit of good.

Frustrated, we returned to our old eating patterns and remained dissatisfied with our bodies. Research is showing that it isn't how much, but what type of food we are eating.

Foods that promote hormonal balance allow our bodies to release excess weight and find a new set point. When we couple these hormonal happy meals with exercise, the weight begins to fall off.

Thank heavens and hear is the even better news...if we eat hormone happy meals, get cardiovascular exercise in shorter duration with higher intensity and lift weights....well, we change our lives!

Here is a quick list of hormone happy foods:

Clean Protein - wild salmon, organic, grass fed meat, beans, lentils, seeds

Fats- avocado, coconut oil, raw butter/ghee, nuts

Veggies - Dark leafy greens, brightly coloured vegetables, butternut squash, spagetti squash, beets, artichokes, sweet potatoes.

Here is a quick list of weight loss friendly workouts:

Interval running, walking, biking


Yoga - use for strength training not matter how you feel after a hot yoga class.

Weights- Lots of weights, load up the bars and dumbbells, do less reps and build muscle. You will decrease the appearance of cellulite and change the shape of your body. Quality movement is key here so get some professional help to keep you out of my office with an injury.

Quick side note: Those that eat hormone happy meals, and move all day regularly without specific cardio/weight training sessions are likely ahead of us all. Tune into my facebook page (Kelsey can you add the link here please) to follow along with me to Katy Bowman's advent movement calendar. Movement all day is the key to less injuries and total daily calorie burn.

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