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Why you shouldn’t work out harder this year.

If your fitness goals require you to work harder this year than last and you are struggling to lose weight, then these goals might not be good for you.

Adrenal fatigue, anxiety, insomnia and busyness all go hand in hand. Adrenal fatigue is physical burnout at its finest. Your body is so overtaxed, its hormones have stopped working right. “You feel tired but wired. You crave sugar, similar to an addict. You grow a muffintop.” –Dr. Sara Gottfried

Sound familiar?

If this sounds like you...then take a look at the other symptoms from Gottfried’s list of Adrenal Fatigue:

* Anxiety, especially in stressful situations

* Moodiness

* Emotional instability or excessive emotions

* Frequent screaming or yelling

* Confusion, difficulty with focus, under stress

* Poor resilience to stress – stress feels too much or unfair

* Excessive sensitivity to human suffering

* Irritability

* Negativisim

* Feeling of victimhood

* Accusatory (more common in men) or quarrelsome

* Sharp, verbal retorts

* Energy: fatigue, especially under stress

* Skin: inflamed such as with rashes, eczema or psoriasis

* Autoimmune: predisposed to Hashimoto’s or connective tissue disease

* Food: sugar cravings, intense hunger, salty food cravings

Isn’t it nice to finally put a finger on what might be going on inside your body and why you are so dang tired? If the above sounds eerily familiar and you are trying to muster the energy to go to your next HIIT Class, Crossfit class, spin class, or Heavy Power flow yoga class....STOP! I encourage you to do less in 2017. Your body is begging you to do less, slow down more and hear yourself breathe.

Here is a quick list of foods and things to do to promote healthy adrenals (this is not a comprehensive list and as always, if you feel like this is you and you need more than dietary changes then see a naturopath....yes, that is right. Most medical doctors won’t recognize the condition. )

* Decrease sugar intake

* Decrease caffeine intake, try to decrease coffee cups per day by adding in tea

* Eat more veggies

* Bone broth

* Probiotic

* Fermented foods to promote digestion ie. Kombucha

* Stop drinking wine, eating sugar and salt at night

* Walk

* Lift weights – helps with hormone regulation

* Go to some gentle non-heated yoga

* Go for a hike

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