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Top 3 Things Every Mom Should Know About Her Body after Baby

1. Core

The inner core muscles, are the most important muscles that must rehabilitated after baby (after baby means 6weeks or 60years)

Have a quick look at the pic...diaphragm, transverse abdominis, pelvic floor and multifidi (small muscles in the back)

To rehab these muscles we must learn how to breathe again....diaphragmatically breathe that is.

Look back to the diaphragmatic breathing blog, as rib cage and pelvic alignment are key with the breathing pattern.

2. Kegels...yes, kegels are still something we should be doing, but not how we have been taught or not taught-but just told it is some mysterious thing we MUST do! A kegel is the exhalation of diaphragmatic, it ends up being pretty simple. Inhale with diaphragm, belly, rib cage and into lower back, exhale pull belly to spine (transverse abs engage and belly flattens), now pull belly button upward (pelvic floor lifts and works together with transverse abs).

3. Squats: Squatting for posterior chain, glute strength is key to help pull the tailbone into extension and allow the pelvic floor muscles to find their natural length i.e.: key alignment for strength. Strengthening the posterior chain muscles help to mitigate the effects of sitting and feeding, as well as, rocking for endless hours, thus rebelling against the Mom Bum!

Do what you can, with what you can, where you are. None of this should be stressful; lord knows we all have enough on our plate. I salute you Ladies!

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