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Diastasis Recti: A new perspective

Diastasis Recti is the separation of the rectus abdominus muscle( our 6 pack muscle). Let me first state that this muscle is in fact two distinct muscles separated by a line of connective tissue called the linea alba. So, for all intensive purposes this muscle is technically already separated. The condition Diastasis Recti occurs when the normal separation becomes larger than it should. > 2.7cm or 2 finger widths.

This separation is found in:

- Pregnancy

- Postnatal populations

- Pediatrics

- People who overtrain their abdominals

- And others

In pregnancy it is normal, due to the growing uterus. In Peds it can be seen during the early months and then is gone.

Other clinical symptoms can present like:

- Back pain

- Pelvic floor dysfunction

- Uterine/bladder/rectal prolapse

- Stress incontinence

- Shoulder/neck pain

- Tension Headaches

- Hip/pelvic stability issues

To test if you have a DR is in this link

Once you confirm your DR, I want you to retest yourself and ask this question...when I lift my shoulders off the floor does my belly above/below my belly button tent up or bulge up? If yes, this is a nonfunctional DR and should be assessed, especially if any of the above symptoms are present and treated via core stab exercises like the ones on my previous blog and the video linked here

If you belly flattens and your pelvic floor lifts as it should, your DR is functional, meaning the inner core is functioning well to support your back, organs etc. And doesn't require further assessment or treatment.

What if you notice your Diastasis Recti is much larger than 2 finger say 5cm and the symptoms above sound like you? Time for a proper assessment via chiro, physio or GP. why does this exercise work so well? You tell me😜. My DR vanished in less then a few months using this 2 x per week 5 reps 2-3 sets.

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