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Every Mother in Labour is a Goddess

Pregnancy to Motherhood is one of the most beautiful journeys and there is nothing I love more then to support a Woman during this transition time. I am a Webster certified chiropractor and I work with Mama's to achieve pelvic alignment, so Mama doesn't have to be in pain during pregnancy and babe can get into the right position and drop down into the pelvic inlet- ready for go time. But once that is completed, so much more goes on before a Woman can get comfortable and relaxed enough to give birth. Here are a few examples: Do you feel safe? Are you feeling scared or anxious? Do you feel loved? Are you going through any emotionally conflicts? Do you still have chores to complete? Are you well rested? Are you relaxed? Do you trust your birth team? Do you have concerns about your spouse's support? Is your spouse working away from home? Do you have another little one at home? The lighting in your home vs the hospital? Are you afraid of hospitals? Do hospital smells, beds, staff make you uncomfortable? Any perceived or real threat can shut a Woman's labour down. Likely, you couldn't achieve orgasm if you felt can we expect our bodies to deliver a baby. Now remember how you felt during conception? Try and recreate those emotions. Health Birth Choices in Calgary once said to me, " A Woman must feel the same relaxation and security she felt during conception in order to go into labour." This sentence has forever changed how I help support pregnant Women in their journey. I believe a supportive healthcare team is paramount to a Woman feeling empowered and prepared to go into labour and become a Mother.

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