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Day 2: A Safe Alternative to the Abdominal Crunch

Its not that I hate the abdominal crunch, I just know that it strengthens our rectus abdominis or our "6-pack" muscle only and does not train our inner core. The part of the core that is responsible for spinal stability. The ab crunch will also unevenly distribute intra-abdominal pressure to areas of weakness such as, pelvic floor muscles and organs, diastasis recti and discs. This increases the risk of injury or further injury to these areas. To me the risk isn't worth the reward - that isn't there..... How many abdominal crunches have you done in your lifetime? Do you have a 6 pack? Ya, me neither. The abdominal crunch is antiquated, its outdated. We know more now so, let's move on from the old school 80's workouts, shall we?

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